L9 Manager

COMPONENT MANAGEMENT, not database management

When it comes handling component libraries for an organization, a database can offer a systematic way of adding and maintaining components. EDA companies and independent database companies offer solutions. But these solutions miss the mark. EDA companies sell enterprise solutions which target very large companies with dedicated resources to maintain libraries. There are also many non-EDA specific database suppliers offering their solutions. But, like most things in life, an all-purpose database is a no-purpose database. In the end, someone has to customize the database for component management.

And that's the crux of the issue - who is that someone? A PCB designer with database experience? That's very unlikely. PCB designers don't have the time (or desire) to become a database administrator.

We at Nine Dot Connects understand this. For several years, we have seen our fair share of unusable library work flows, so we have been developing the L9 Manager. L9 was created to address the flow that all designers use when creating new components. It was designed to allow for easy access into the database without complex licensing or installation requirements. It was designed to minimize the typing and entry steps that make databases so arduous and error prone. It was designed to allow designers to continue their work while enjoying the benefits of a well-organized and structured library. In short, it was designed to provide component management without the need for database management.

Because the L9 effort is close to us here at Nine Dot Connects, you know that it will not only be supported by experts in library methodology, but continually refined and improved.


  • One license for server - unlimited user access through a web browser
  • Three levels of user responsibilities: user, librarian and admin
  • Rapid set up on the user's machine for interfacing with Altium Designer
  • Easy import of library data from prior libraries
  • Easy entry of new components, with look-up capabilities that fill in the blanks
  • Built-in status mechanisms to assist with validation


  • The server license. No additional client licenses required
  • L9 installation assistance
  • On-site client library and database management consultation and training (2 days)
  • First year maintenance included (many innovative features being developed)